The New Normal of Development Solves Real Problems

Whether it is a startup that wants to take on a social challenge or a company that wants to promote DX or launch a new business.a major issue is a lack of execution capability due to limited knowledge and a weak development system.

We apply our empathy, understanding, and accumulated insights based on our extensive experience in business development to build operations and systems specialized for business co-creation. We lead development with an evolved methodology and mindset that fits the trends and values of the era.

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Fulfilling the essence of needs

By incorporating design thinking, adding diverse perspectives from different fields, and through observation and empathy, we gain a correct and deep understanding of users and issues. We identify constraints and use hypothetical thinking to adapt technology to solve business challenges.


Agile experimentation and iteration

We challenge uncertainty by incorporating agile development while thoroughly defining and designing requirements using a systematic methodology. We test hypotheses quickly and learn from challenges faced, data and user feedback.


Enhance execution

We are a flexible and agile team of professionals specializing in design, development, SRE, testing, operations, customer relations, and other areas for promoting development. All members are involved in the entire lifecycle of business development, including business design and requirement definition.


Promote in-house development

By sharing and supporting the application of our expertise in building development teams and in hiring and training engineers, we support our partners in building their own in-house development teams.


Increase synergy

We build a foundation of transparency by sharing vision, challenges, data, KPIs, ideas, and insights with the entire team. Including engineers and designers, we participate from the upstream process, enhancing everyone's understanding of the business and fostering an internal sense of ownership through multifaceted measures. We achieve high levels of synergy by having diverse, visionary, and proactive members working together.


Reduce communication burdens

We minimize communication points and practice open communication. This reduces the burden of information transmission and increases its speed and accuracy. We also create a culture of open-mindedness by focusing on the details of communication, creating guidelines, and providing training.


Make it sustainable

Never satisfied with the status quo, we constantly explore and verify the next challenges and possibilities through observation, data analysis, and feedback. We also invest upfront in improving the quality of our technology, processes, and systems to ensure that technical debt does not become a stumbling block to business growth. While striving to minimize liabilities from the initial stage, we promote development in an optimal balance in accordance with the business stage.

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We have experience in business co-creation and DX support for to C and to B with many startups, municipalities, and companies.

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We are  The Visionary Team,

A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.



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