Create an environment where anyone can use IT to verify ideas in the marketplace

We will create a future where anyone can easily and effectively realize their vision and ideas using IT, which has become the foundation for society, daily life, and all businesses.


Accelerate social updating through co-creation

We will contribute to the realization of a better society by taking on the challenge of co-creating businesses, combining the knowledge of all kinds of people and companies, our strengths in technology, and our visionary team.

Company Profile

Company Name :

wesionaryTEAM Co. Ltd.

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Haruhisa Saito

Number of Employees :

41 employees

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Business :

Co-creation-based business development Software planning, research, development, design, maintenance and operation

Core values


Pursuing customer success

We will contribute to business growth by providing rapid and essential value to end users through a deep understanding of customers’ business visions and challenges.


Practice continuity in improvement and the identification of issues

We will continuously improve the current situation by recognizing issues scattered throughout daily operations and processes and taking action to improve them.


Increase reproducibility

We will abstract, systematize, and share findings, experiences, and results, in order to increase organizational throughput and assurance of business success.

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Haruhisa Saito


Picture of CEO

Engaged in ERP/SCM implementation consulting for the fashion brand industry at SCSK Corporation, and later studied in the United States. Worked as a general manager at Space Market Inc., where he contributed to the launch of the business from its inception to its growth phase, and at Renovel Inc., where he was in charge of new business development and business management. He has been engaged in business development, IT, and platform business for more than 15 years.

Message from CEO:

In an increasingly complex business environment and technological innovation, it is necessary to effectively develop business ideas, verify them in the market, and adjust strategies quickly and flexibly in order to grow the business. To achieve this, we have focused on the method of "co-creation" and founded wesionaryTEAM. We apply the knowledge we have accumulated through our own business and business development experience with startups to build an operation and structure specialized for business co-creation. Despite the physical and cultural distance between different organizations, we form one team and share the vision of the business, aiming to achieve it.

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Shibuya Scramble Sq 39F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-6149

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KVD Complex 2F, Balkumari - 08, Lalitpur

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We are  The Visionary Team,

A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.


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