Towards a society where co-creation is the norm.

We envision a future where all businesses and individuals effectively combine their knowledge and resources to maximize their value.


Accelerate social updating through co-creation

Create a platform where companies and individuals can connect, utilize each other's strengths, and effectively provide new value to the market

Company Overview

Company Name

wesionaryTEAM Co. Ltd.

Date Founded



Ichiro Nagata

Number of Employees



¥ 19,900,000


Co-Creation Based Product Development

Partners (In Japanese alphabetical order, titles are omitted.)


  • Association of System Documentation Quality
  • Japan Quality Management Association
  • Association for Facilitation Of Rational Derivational Development

Financial Advisor

Takuya Sakai (Sakai CPA Office)

Legal Advisor

Masashu Sawano (Kusunoki, Iwasaki & Sawano Law Office)


ISMS (Information Security Management System) GIJP-0784-IC ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Acquired in July 2022

QMS (Quality Management System) ISO 9001

Scheduled Acquisition in June 2023

Core values


Pursuing customer success

Contribution to business growth by providing rapid and essential value to end users through a deep understanding of customers’ business visions and challenges.


Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve the current situation by recognizing issues scattered throughout daily operations and processes and taking action to improve them.


Increase reproducibility

Abstract, systematize, and share findings, experiences, and results, in order to increase organizational throughput and assurance of business success.

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Member Introduction

Picture of CEO

永田 一郎

Ichiro Nagata


Over the course of more than 18 years, he has worked on a wide range of projects such as new business development for toC/toB and business DX conversion etc at both startups & major business companies.While involved in development as an engineer, he was also involved in system construction, management, business design, hypothesis testing, etc., and learned a wide range of business launch and growth. He has sold three businesses so far.He founded wesionaryTEAM to provide a co-creation platform, believing that co-creation can produce products more effectively and ideas can be verified in the market.

Message from CEO

“Making co-creation a norm and playing a role in enriching society”

In this highly unpredictable age of VUCA, we want to deliver more value to society by enabling people to more effectively shape and validate their ideas and adjust their strategies quickly and flexibly.

For that purpose, we believe that it is essential for companies to cooperate effectively with each other and with individuals to enhance each other.

Neither companies nor individuals are perfect. Rapid changes are occurring in both the business environment and technical innovations

Through collaborative practice, systematization, and platformisation, we are striving to lower those hurdles.

With this, it will be easier to achieve what companies and individuals could not do alone, and many new realizations will emerge. We are confident that we can make a significant contribution to enriching the future of people and society.

The potential for co-creation is infinite. As a tech company providing a business co-creation platform, we continue to strive with all our might for the update of society.

Member Image

斉藤 晴久

Haruhisa Saito

Business Co-Creation / Business Planning and Design

At SCSK, Mr. Saito was engaged in ERP/SCM implementation consulting for the fashion industry and studied in the United States during that time. He also participated in the launch of the Amazon listing service business in the Japanese market at Amazon Japan. Similarly at Space Market, he was responsible for overall business operations during the start-up phase. At Renoveru, he oversaw smart home and new business ventures. He has been involved in business development, IT, and platform businesses for nearly 20 years. He founded AnyWhere Co., Ltd. in January 2020 after graduating from Waseda University's School of Commerce.

He is an International Ambassador for the European co-working platform 「」, a board member of the Co-Working Space Association, a Minerva® Certified Instructor, and a co-founder of the Musashino regional media 'Meet Musashino'. He enjoys camping and living in two old houses in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Member Image

小野 千春

Chiharu Ono

CX Promotion / Customer Support

She worked as a convenience store buyer before becoming a freelancer after marriage and childbirth. In 2017, she joined Pan For You, a company with a mission to create a new bread economy and contribute to the local economy, as a founding member. She experienced launching a business from scratch and mainly worked as a merchandiser, procuring goods and delivering them to users. She returned to freelancing in the spring of 2021 and is currently working at a venture as the secretary and customer success and running a coworking space in Gunma prefecture as part of an NPO, embodying parallel ways of working such as community building, planning and operation, and employment support. She is also involved in supporting non-attendance at school as a social activity.

Member Image

斎藤 美佳子

Mikako Saito

CX Promotion / Customer Support

While touring all over Japan with the theater company 'Gendai-za' (currently NPO Gendai-za), she independently launched the theater company's website and began provide information from the locations of their performances. She also worked as an audio staff and production manager for regional performances. After marriage and childbirth, she relocated to Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, and started her own business as a freelancer mainly handling administrative tasks. She continued to disseminate information through her blog and SNS, from how to use computers and web services to local information in Hirosaki, and gained about 100,000 monthly page views. She also provided writing, SNS management support, and customer service for venture companies.

Member Image

山本 哲史

Akifumi Yamamoto

Business Co-creation/ Business Planning and Design

Born in 1987, from Kyoto, graduated from Nihon University. He had interest in swimming as hobby & began swimming at the age of 2 and a half, and went on to become a Japanese champion several times. After graduating from college, he trained with the USC adult team in Los Angeles. He retired from swimming after the 2012 London Olympics selection trials. He has designed and planned many businesses to promote industry digital transformation (DX) and improve personal trainer business skills while increasing the fitness population. He is currently based in Kyoto.

Member Image

プラカシュ デフコタ

Prakash Devkota

Business Co-creation/ Nepal Branch Manager

Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Nepal College of Information Technology in 2015. An IT Enthusiastic and passionate software engineer who believes the value provided to the business is more important than the choice of language and framework. With an experience of software development and IT skills, he got an opportunity to work as a IT Engineer in JGC Corporation, Yokohama ,Japan where I actively work for 1 year. To change the world with technical influence he came up to uplift my career with Project management skills for delivering cost-effective, high-performance technical solutions to meet challenging business demands. He started working as part-time engineer in wesionaryTEAM Co, LTD since August 2019. With a mission of co-creation platform resulting in the completion of projects within time frame and budget.Working as Regional Manager I Spearhead an open and flexible environment and management to attract dozens of programmers in Nepal, happy and motivated to work with us.

Member Image

樋口 雄太

Yuta Higuchi

Business Co-Creation / PdM

He was born in 1997 in Tokyo and graduated from the Advanced Information Processing Department of Japan Electronic College. He worked as a programmer/SE for the development of the core system for an MVNO operator. He has been working as a PdM for wesionaryTEAM with the aim of creating an environment where all members can generate ideas based on the principle of co-creation, and is working to optimize project management and expand mutual recognition with overseas members.

Member Image

澤野 正周

Masachika Sawano

Legal Advisor

He is a partner lawyer at the law firm of Kusui, Iwasaki, and Sawano (First Tokyo Bar Association). As an in-house lawyer, he has experience as a legal head in Japan and Korea at Twitter Japan Co., Ltd. and in e-commerce, logistics, real estate, human resources and general corporate law at Amazon Japan Co., Ltd. At Scadden Arps, he was mainly involved in structured real estate finance and various real estate transactions.

Affiliation: Kusui, Iwasaki, and Sawano Law Firm. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo and completed the Graduate School of Legal Studies at Waseda University.

Member Image

坂井 拓也

Takuya Sakai

Financial Advisor

After passing the certified public accountant exam, he joined a new auditing firm, currently PwC Arata LLC. He has been involved in accounting audit services for various industries, including automobiles, wholesale and retail, consumer goods, and energy-related companies. After transferring to PwC tax corporation, he was responsible for tax filings, organizational restructurings, and supporting the introduction of consolidated taxation. At Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, he was involved in corporate restructuring, financial, tax, and business due diligence services, among others. He started independent practice in 2016 and has held his current position since 2020. He holds a degree from the International Accounting Graduate School of Chuo University and is a certified public accountant and tax accountant.

Member Image


Ayumi Isohata


She has been active as a designer and PdM at companies like Yahoo, Speee, and Leverate. She currently works as a PO and designer at an educational venture, and is also in charge of design supervision and production at wesionaryTEAM.

Member Image

佐藤 明博

Akihiro Sato


He worked as a designer and director for web improvement projects at WACUL, leading the UI/UX and branding work for the AI Analyst, a web improvement service that utilizes artificial intelligence and was awarded the Good Design Award in 2017. After becoming a freelancer, he started supporting web and video production for startups. In 2020, he launched the Mr. GAMEHIT game-specific video production service department at Mailabo and is in charge of design production for wesionaryTEAM.


Main Office

150-6139 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Shibuya Scramble Square 39F WeWork

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44700 Nepal, Lalitpur Balkumari-08 KVD

Complex 2F

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