Core values are the more important guiding principles that all of us should embody in order to move us closer to our vision.

Values are closely related to many other systems such as appointments, rewards, evaluations, salary, bonuses, and more.

Core values


Pursuing customer success

Contribution to business growth by providing rapid and essential value to end users through a deep understanding of customers’ business visions and challenges.


Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve the current situation by recognizing issues scattered throughout daily operations and processes and taking action to improve them.


Increase reproducibility

Abstract, systematize, and share findings, experiences, and results, in order to increase organizational throughput and assurance of business success.

Action Guidelines by Grade

Action Guidelines by Grade are expectations for each of the 6 grades we have defined based on our core values.

It allows us to confirm our grades and know what we need to do to be promoted to the next grade.

See Action Guidelines by Grade

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