We have only just begun the journey toward realizing our big vision. The things we need to do keep piling up, and the challenges keep growing. This appears to be chaotic. But it is a process of growth and proves that we are growing. It is proof that we are continuing to challenge ourselves with complex problems.

We are determined to create the best place in life, careers, and compensation for our members, who invest their valuable time and abilities to accelerate the realization of our vision. If you believe in our vision and feel the desire to think and act proactively, take the first step! We look forward to working with you.


Towards a society where co-creation is the norm.

We envision a future where all businesses and individuals effectively combine their knowledge and resources to maximize their value.


Accelerate social updating through co-creation

Create a platform where companies and individuals can connect, utilize each other's strengths, and effectively provide new value to the market

Core values


Pursuing customer success

Contribution to business growth by providing rapid and essential value to end users through a deep understanding of customers’ business visions and challenges.


Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve the current situation by recognizing issues scattered throughout daily operations and processes and taking action to improve them.


Increase reproducibility

Abstract, systematize, and share findings, experiences, and results, in order to increase organizational throughput and assurance of business success.

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Life at wesionaryTEAM

The relationship between the company and its members is not one in which the members simply do what the company orders them to do and the company pays them a salary. We believe that we should do our best for each other, grow and succeed together, and share in the results and benefits produced. Below is our Employee Value Proposition.


Flexible Working Style

Members can choose to work in a variety of flexible ways according to their own circumstances at their own discretion. For example, working hours can be adjusted. You can decide the balance between remote work and office work.


Shaping the Future Together

We have established a stock compensation program based on the idea that the growth and success of the company should be beneficial to all members because all members invest their valuable time and abilities in the growth of the business and the enhancement of the company's value. Depending on the level of growth of the company and the level of commitment of the members, shares of the company will be transferred to the members free of charge. We have also established an investment system to support the launch of startups by our members and enable them to take on the challenge of solving social issues together with us.


Freedom of decision-making and challenging environment

We believe that better decisions are made through diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we are committed to maximum openness in our organization's decision-making process. Everyone can participate and provide input and ideas. Also, everyone, regardless of position or experience, has the authority to share, collaborate, and lead the realization of issues they feel or things they want to do.

Benefits and Welfare

We have various systems in place to help members maximize their performance in a more comfortable and secure work environment.

  • Flextime System
  • Hybrid Work System
  • Remote Work Support System
  • Skill Development Support System
  • Stock Compensation System

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About devices

We will provide the necessary devices, accessories, and tool licenses to facilitate work and performance.


MacBook M1

Power backup device

To prevent network interruption in the event of a power outage


Accessories and iPhones will be provided as needed

Technology Stack and Tools

We carefully select technologies, tools, etc. after reviewing industry trends and characteristics. Our policy is to update them to be more productive and effective.




Clean Architecture, Atomic Design, MonoRepo



Source Code Management


Prototyping, UI design



Task Management

Testing Tool: Browserstack

API Documentation: OpenAPI

Email, Calendar: Google Workspace


Leader avatar

永田 一郎 Ichiro Nagata


Over the course of more than 18 years, he has worked on a wide range of projects such as new business development for toC/toB and business DX conversion etc at both startups & major business companies.While involved in development as an engineer, he was also involved in system construction, management, business design, hypothesis testing, etc., and learned a wide range of business launch and growth. He has sold three businesses so far. He founded wesionaryTEAM to provide a co-creation platform, believing that co-creation can produce products more effectively and ideas can be verified in the market.
Leader avatar

Dipesh Dulal

Chief Technology Officer / Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer, team lead, project manager interested in developing products and tools ranging from web, mobile, erp systems, real time apps to cloud based solutions for over 5 years. Continuously expanding horizon with new ideas from interesting engineers worldwide to build reliable, maintainable and performant products.
Leader avatar

Binod Kafle

Senior Software Engineer

Dedicated and motivated with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Curious about new technologies and how those technologies work under the hood allowing me to try out new solutions and think about problems from different perspectives and find root solutions. Over 5+ years of experience in team leading, project management and developing products and services.
Leader avatar

Sudeep Timalsina

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Team Manager, Team Lead, Technical Writer, 5 years+ experiences in Software Development, leading well-being department, willing to learn new technologies, helping company to achieve its mission, vision and values, workout with different ideas in the company to maintain excellent work environment, has been a part of different products’ life cycle, interest and focus in web development and mobile development, interest in writing technical blogs and creating videos, helping to create co-creation based company, helping to systematize different things, prefer to work as a solution architect.
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Manoj Thapa Shrestha

Chief Quality Officer

Experienced and reliable Quality Assurance professional with over 4 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry to ensure the quality of the products. Always looking forward for creating and executing high standard quality plans. Skilled in manual and automated testing and developing comprehensive test plans.

Selection Process

We place the utmost importance on ensuring that there are no hiring mismatches. By opening up our selection process, we aim to achieve the following two goals
  • To ensure that applicants are well-prepared for the selection process and are able to perform as usual during the selection process.
  • To fully understand each other through the selection process and to match post-employment expectations.
The selection process is as follows. Please note that the process may be adjusted based on the applicant's experience and requirements. All processes will be conducted online using Google Meet. You will be notified of the results of each process within 2 business days.

Document Screening

To confirm that you meet the essential requirements of the job requirements.


    First Interview

    This interview will be the first opportunity for both of us to confirm that there are no mismatches. The topics of the interview are as follows:

    • Confirm your accomplishments, skills, career, strengths and weaknesses, and mindset.
    • Explanation of our business, the reason for existence, values, systems, structure, and job description, etc.

    Mindset Questionnaire

    We need members who understand our company's goals, take a proactive approach, challenge themselves, and pursue the achievement of our goals, not members who simply do what they are told to do. We are making our company a place where such members feel comfortable working, performing, and sharing the results and rewards we gain. In the Mindset Questionnaire, we would like you to describe your thoughts and understanding of our reason for existence, our business, our values, and our expectations. The main objectives are as follows.

    • Do you have a good grasp of our vision, mission, values, and the nature of our business?
    • Do you have the potential to work as part of a team and accompany others to achieve our goals?
    • Are the expectations sufficiently matched?

    Skills Interview

    We ask you to show us the code you have written, documents you have created, designs you have produced, etc., and explain why you did it, the way you did, and what you would like to improve. The purpose of this is to confirm how much work you have done so far in a particular, essential, and effective manner. For example, when an engineer writes code, we check the extent of attention paid to security, performance, maintainability, architecture, etc. We may use FigJam to draw a diagram of the developed system. Coding tests may also be performed.


      Second Interview

      This is the second opportunity to confirm that there is no mismatch with each other. We believe that problem-solving skills and a willingness to learn are most important for the active work we are looking for. We will mainly confirm these two things during the second interview.

      • Confirming the attitude of finding issues, the ability to get to the underlying issues, and the ability and experience to solve problems.
      • Confirming attitude toward learning, confirming the amount of input and output in recent months.

      This step is followed by a reference check.


      Executive Interview

      This is the last opportunity to confirm that there is no mismatch with each other. We will mainly discuss the values and expectations that are important to each other.



        We will offer you a grade and compensation. After the start of your employment, a three-month probationary period will be required before you will be officially hired. During the probationary period, we will check to see if we can meet each other's expectations.

          Open positions

          We are  The Visionary Team,

          A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

          Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

          Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.



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