Quality Assurance

Customer Experience and Service Quality

We are taking multifaceted measures to reproduce and continually raise levels of customer experience and service quality. We continue to update ourselves while never being satisfied with the status quo.

Quality of Needs Discovery & Problem Solving

We combine proven and systematized methods, such as design thinking, prototyping, and data visualization and analysis, to discover essential needs and issues. We make proposals according to the situation and stage of your business.

Quality of Development

We incorporate global standards in requirement definition, project management, security, quality control, development methodology, etc., and optimize them for our organization as a reflection of our experience. We also actively incorporate modern and productive tools to enhance the quality of our collaboration and operations.

Development Preparation

By conducting requirements definition and design in a systematic, rule-based manner, we prevent many rework and problems caused by inadequacies in the upstream process.

Requirement Definition and System Design



requirements specifications and improve the quality by reviewing and approving them. Documentation is kept up-to-date by adding updating to the development flow.

API Design

Design and documentation of APIs using the


specification, a highly versatile, global standard.


Start prototyping from the initial stages. Embodying requirements helps foster a common understanding and allows everyone to share ideas.

Development Method

By incorporating agile development, we will review deliverables every 1-2 weeks. Issues such as recognition discrepancies, incomplete requirements, and UI/UX can be identified early and flexibly addressed. In principle, all members of the team regularly conduct KPT reflections on all cycles of business co-creation, including upstream processes, development, and operations.

Development Method Image

Development Team

Optimized teams will be formed according to the business phase and scale of development. If necessary, QA, R&D, CS, and other teams will also participate to promote development through collaboration.


We develop our products systematically and with attention to detail through numerous achievements and repeated improvements. We embed performance, accessibility, data collection and visualization, SEO, and more from the requirements stage.

Quality of Operation

Minimize operational burden through automation and monitoring. We concentrate our efforts on critical issues and deliver updates to end users quickly and consistently.


Maximize automation of tasks such as vulnerability discovery, testing, releases, infrastructure building, etc. Development teams spend their time on value-added tasks.


Monitor failures and errors automatically and provide clues to the development team for investigation. Early detection and response to problems prevents lost opportunities.

Business Growth

Define KPIs for the business, subdividing them in a KPI tree and focusing on key numbers according to the stage of the business.

Issue Discovery

Data visualization and analysis, user observation, and feedback will help us deepen our understanding of users and discover issues that need to be addressed.

Incident Management

We manage incidents and take permanent action at all stages of the business co-creation cycle, including upstream, development, and operations. To prevent recurrence, measures are applied throughout the organization.

Quality of Organization

The company name "WesionaryTEAM" is derived from ‘We are the Visionary Team’. We come together to accompany our partners' business visions and work together to realize a better society. We are building a promotion system to embody our vision and mission, and core values. We pay close attention to recruitment and continuously educate our members. In addition, we have established a Compliance Manual, and our Internal Control Department ensures that all members comply with laws, regulations, and social norms.

Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Internal Audit Committee

General Managers Committee

Customer Experience (CX) Score

We have established a customer experience score as one of the key indicators of organizational success. We regularly collect feedback from our partners to help us improve.

  • Product quality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Problem finding and proposal skills
  • Project management and deadlines
  • Quality of communication

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We are  The Visionary Team,

A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.



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