Released “SOUDAN”, a marketplace for skills & knowledge.

2022 Jul New business co-creation


Together with ITO Technologies Co., Ltd. whose mission is to bring new experiences to user’s life, we have released the beta version of the "Soudan" service where skills and knowledge can be bought and sold.

With remote calling, you can have 1-on-1 consultations about English conversation session, fortune-telling, love advice, small talk, and problem-solving.

Similarly, we are also offering a environment where user can earn revenue while using one's own skills and experience to benefit many people.

Currently, we are improving our features and user experience towards the official release while working on the feedbacks from the current user of our application.

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Other News

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2023 Feb

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2022 Dec

Notice Regarding Office Opening

2022 Oct

We are  The Visionary Team,

A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.



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