Notice Regarding Office Opening

2022 Oct Notice


Since May 2020, when we saw signs of the spread of the new coronavirus, our company has transitioned to a fully remote system. However, in light of recent changes in the social situation, we have partially transitioned to a hybrid system and have opened an office that can accommodate up to 80 people, with the aim of expanding our organization in the future.

Our team intends to balance office work and remote work, making the best use of both, and further devote ourselves to business development through collaboration.

We hope to continue receiving your unwavering support in the future.

Other News

Released a music event companion matching service “MELD”.

2023 Feb

Release a corporate data search service ”BizRiz”.

2023 Jan

Released a a Q&A service created together with fans “Question Market (Quema)”.

2022 Dec

Released an unique domestic NFT service “META PYLON”

2022 Sep

We are  The Visionary Team,

A team that accompanies our partners realize shared vision.

Co-creation is easier said than done. However, we strongly believe in the co-creation based on our many experiences, industry challenges, and market trends.

Aiming to be a team that accompanies our partners in the realization of their vision and DX, we pursue more efficient and effective forms of co-creation on a daily basis.



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